Why eGradebook?

eGradebook is a K-12 compliant online school management system that provides a turn-key solution integrating a range of features into a versatile software suite delivered through Internet technology.

eGradebook supports and enhances parents' pro-active involvement in their children's education.

eGradebook empowers parents with up-to-date and detailed information on their child's academic performance, allowing them to monitor the latest scores for quizzes, tests, assignments and projects, verify attendance and view attached teacher notes. In this way, they are more attuned to their child's particular academic situation and needs.

Educators have long recognized the importance of active and supportive parents in the education process. With eGradebook we make closer collaboration possible between parents and the school contributing to a profound positive impact on your child's learning experience. Integrated messaging facilities allow them 24 x 7 access to the system for unrivalled convenience, anytime, anywhere.

K-12 Compliant
24/7 Access
and many more...


  • Reduce expenditures of IT-related processing. Based on the proven Cloud Computing paradigm, all the school requires are an appropriate number of PCs with internet access
  • Pay only for the level of processing capacity actually required via Subscription model
  • Achieve savings in IT staffing expenses including salaries, health care, liability, and physical building space
  • Benefit from new technology as they arise w/o the associated costs
  • Budgeting and planning for IT is greatly simplified
  • No fear of premature system obsolescence
  • K+12-compliant
  • Projects a positive and progressive image of the school and a key differentiator in support of marketing efforts

  • Free to focus on running the school undistracted by IT complexities
  • Broadcast Email and SMS alerts and reminders at the click of a button
  • Powerful reporting, communication and administrative tools enable administrators to monitor schools 24/7, communicate more effectively with parents, students and staff, maintain clean and consistent data.
  • Comprehensive integrated security, control and audit features ensure the processing integrity on the system
  • Generates required DepEd reports in addition to user-driven statistical/demographic reports

  • Enhanced interaction with parents and students
  • Maintains a consistent and updated detailed grade book, attendance records and communications to parents
  • Create online reviewers with automatic scoring to gauge students' comprehension level
  • Transmit student notes and reminders selectively or to the entire class
  • Participate in school BLOGS
  • Parents update their child's medical emergency data (e.g. blood type, allergic conditions, etc) ensuring that this information is accurate and current

  • Parents stay updated on their child's grades, projects, assignments, attendance and other important information
  • Effectively monitor child's performance in school and alert of possible areas of concern for timely remedial action
  • Conveniently access the system at the time and place of their choice
  • Facilitates a constructive dialogue with teachers in support of the child's needs
  • Receive SMS reminders, alerts, and upcoming activities from school, participate in school BLOGs

  • Benefit from a more effective Parent-Teacher collaboration
  • Have access to assignments, teacher memos and reminders, schedules, and academic performance
  • Demonstrate progress via accomplishment of online reviewers
  • Receive SMS reminders, alerts, and upcoming activities from school
  • Participate in school BLOGs